Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Airport gets 2 parking bays

Pune: Two of the four new aircraft parking bays have been made operational at the city airport, taking the total number of bays to 10.
With two bays reserved for VIP movement and standard operating procedure for emergencies, that still leaves eight bays for commercial flight operations. Moreover, by the end of next week, two more bays, currently being tested, will be made operational.

At the airport, which at present is handling 200 flights a day, the addition of new bays is likely to ease passenger movement. “Earlier, we had just six bays. After landing, flights often had to wait for availability of parking bays, and that caused delays and problems for the passengers, airlines and the Airport Authority of India (AAI). Now we can use eight bays,” an official at the airport told TOI.

Even flights taking off from the airport are going to benefit. “The flights set to fly out from Pune often used to get delayed because of the limited parking bays. Now, with the extension of the apron area and additional bays, we are looking to end such problems once and for all,” another official said.
14/11/18 Joy Sengupta/Times of India