Sunday, November 11, 2018

Basarnas ends search for Lion Air crash victims

The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) stopped the search for victims of Lion Air flight JT610 on Saturday, almost two weeks after the plane crashed into the Java Sea with 189 people on board.

"The search operation's success indicator is the victims, none of which the teams have been able to find since Friday noon until now [Saturday]. That is why I conclude that now the search operation is over," Basarnas chief Marshal M. Syaugi said on Saturday in a press release.

Basarnas had widened the search area off Tanjung Pakis Beach in Karawang, West Java, but to no avail, said Syaugi who also offered an apology to the families of victims.

“Throughout the mission, the search teams went all out,” he said. “We put our heart into our work. We can feel what is felt by the families of victims in particular, and the entire nation in general.”

Basarnas had extended the search mission twice since it started shortly after the plane was reported to have plunged into the sea on Oct. 29.

As many as 196 bags containing body parts have been recovered from under the water, with 79 victims having been identified by Kramat Jati Police Hospital as of Friday evening.
11/11/18 Jakarta Post