Thursday, November 08, 2018

Calcutta airport clears out trolley touts

Calcutta: Calcutta airport appears to have been rid of its pesky trolley touts, although there is still no escaping the purveyors of wheelchairs for a fee and taxi rides with fares that shock.

Passengers arriving on international flights are no longer mobbed by trolley pushers notorious for their pretence of helpfulness and rudeness when refused money. A Calcuttan returning from a trip early on Tuesday was surprised not to find a tout pursuing him in the arrival area.

“On each occasion earlier, I would find five to six persons standing with trolleys at the end of the stairs just before the luggage carousel. They would approach all passengers, offering trolleys and assistance. I did not see even one this time,” he said.

Finding a full rack of trolleys was another pleasant surprise for him. “I have lost count of the number of times I have had to look around for a trolley because the rack would be usually empty,” he said.

Airport officials said the change was the outcome of persistent efforts to discipline the trolley retrievers. In May, around 10 of them were blacklisted and banned from entering the terminal after it was found that they had stayed back beyond the age of retirement. Six more were removed recently.
08/11/18 Sanjay Mandal/Telegraph