Friday, November 30, 2018

Domestic airlines increase flights from Nagpur

Nowadays more and more people are preferring air travel compared to other means of transport. This is evident as airlines operating from the city have increased the number of flights and have also introduced new destinations this year compared to previous year. “This year the number of flights on daily basis departing from Nagpur to various destinations in the country has increased to 36 flights as compared to 24 flights during the previous year which indicates healthy growth of air traffic,” said Jatinder Nakade, Past President of Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Nagpur while speaking to The Hitavada.

For instance, the Nagpur-Delhi route there are 8 flights on a daily basis compared to 6 flights as compared to previous year. In addition, there are some special flights and some flights which depart on alternate days like Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Some airlines operate Nagpur to Delhi route on all days except Saturday. Another airline has flights on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Similarly, the Nagpur to Indore route has 2 flights daily compared to 1 flight which was in the year-ago period. The Nagpur to Kolkatta route is witnessing 3 flights daily compared to only 1 flight of last year. The number of flights on the Nagpur to Bangaluru route has gone up to 7 this year compared to 5 flights last year. The Nagpur to Hyderabad route has been started from this year and has 2 flights daily. Furthermore, flights from Nagpur to Chennai and Nagpur to Kochi route have started from this year with 1 flight daily each. The Nagpur to Allahabad route has 1 flight on alternate days like Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The Nagpur to Pune route has seen no changes with only 3 flights on daily basis. Also, there has been no changes in the number of flights on Nagpur to Mumbai route which still remains constant with 8 flights daily, said Nakade who also operates Travel Links an air ticket booking and travel company.
30/11/18 Hitavada