Friday, November 16, 2018

Flyer arrested with gold worth Rs 11 lakh at airport

Pune: The customs authorities on Thursday arrested a flyer at the city airport for trying to smuggle rhodium-plated and oxidized gold worth Rs 11 lakh into the country from Dubai.
The passenger, identified as Shaikh Tarique Mahmood, had arrived at the Pune airport on a SpiceJet flight (SG-52). Apart from two oxidized gold biscuits, which had been cut into four small pieces, the authorities also recovered two more round-shaped gold pieces, which had carvings like that on currency coins, from the flyer.

“The two gold pieces, recovered from his wallet, looked exactly like coins from a foreign country. It is suspected that the flyer carved them to look like normal coins to take them out of the airport without any hassles. They were coated with rhodium to give them silver look,” a customs official said.

Besides, a gold key chain was also recovered from the suspect. “People who go to Dubai or any foreign country bring different souvenirs as gifts for their friends and relatives. In this case, a gold key chain was recovered, which was neatly packed to make it look like a small gift item. Even the key chain was plated with rhodium,” the official said.
16/11/18 Joy Sengupta/Times of India