Saturday, November 17, 2018

Fog to delay flights again as CAT-III to land in March now

Mohali: With Airports Authority of India (AAI) capable of installation of Instrument Landing System Category III (CAT-ILS -III) after the runway completion slated for March 2019, the passengers are in for another season of delayed and cancelled flights this winter season at Chandigarh International Airport.
As per the declaration made by the AAI with Punjab and Haryana High Court stating that the runway extension will be completed by March 2019, enabling the landing and take offs of the wide-bodied aircrafts, the process of installation of the CAT-ILS-III will be completed after that. Chandigarh International Airport Limited (CHIAL) spokesperson Deepesh Joshi said, “We have already submitted with HC declaring the initiation of landing and takeoffs of wide bodies aircrafts opening the US, Canadian and European sector and enabling the 24x7 operations by March 2019. We are waiting for the flight carriers to submit the expression of interests for carrying out the flights for long distant countries. The CAT-ILS-III will be installed by March 2019 till then the flight operations may be affected due to bad weather conditions or fog.”
Aircraft requires at least 350-metre visibility to land safely at the airport, but due to climatic conditions, most of the flights at the Chandigarh international airport remain grounded from December-mid to January-mid.
17/11/18 Times of India