Saturday, November 17, 2018

IndiGo Launches Direct Flight Between Dehradun-Hyderabad

Dehradun: IndiGo airlines, has started a direct air services between Dehradun-Hyderabad, while hiking air services at Jollygrant (Dehradun) Airport. On Thursday, on the first day, 147 air travelers from Hyderabad reached Jollygrant while 159 passengers left for Hyderabad.

Vinod Sharma, the director at Jollygrant Airport, started the air service of the Indigo airline, by cutting the cake. Air travelers will be able to avail of this service within all days of the week except on Tuesday.

A-320 aircraft from Hyderabad will arrive at Dehradun Jollygrant airport at 4 pm and will return for a return journey at 4.50 pm. With the direct air service of Hyderabad, Dehradun Jollygrant Airport has been connected directly to the southern region of the country.
16/11/18 Uttarakhand News Network