Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Inline baggage scan soon at Calcutta airport

An inline baggage scanning system is finally being installed in the domestic section of the airport, ending a wait of more than five years for a passenger amenity that is meant to be a basic feature of any modern terminal.

Work started on Monday in check-in portal C of the integrated terminal’s domestic area and will be extended to the remaining ones over the next couple of months. Airport officials said it would take about 15 days on an average to complete the installation in each portal.

Of the eight check-in portals within the terminal, five are assigned for domestic operations.

A separate inline baggage scanning system would be set up for out-of-gauge luggage, according to officials. The international section of the terminal, which already offers inline baggage scanning, will be upgraded to the new system.

“Since this is a functional airport, it will take us more time to install the inline baggage scanning system. In a newly constructed one, the process of installation would be much faster,” an official said.

The installation was to be completed by June but a delay in the arrival of equipment imported from the US forced a change in schedule. Domestic airlines operating to and from Calcutta requested the airport authorities to start the process after Diwali to avoid chaos during the peak of holiday traffic.
14/11/18 Sanjay Mandal/Telegraph