Thursday, November 01, 2018

‘Low on fuel’, city-bound flight diverted to A’bad

A Delhi-Mumbai flight was diverted to Ahmedabad on Wednesday night after a bird hit near the runway at Mumbai airport delayed incoming aircraft. IndiGo flight 6E 843 circled over Mumbai before it reportedly started running low on fuel.
Environmentalist Zoru Bathena, who was on the flight, said the pilot announced to passengers that the plane didn’t have enough fuel to keep circling over and that it would be best to head for Ahmedabad.
The flight took off from Delhi 6:35 pm and was scheduled to land in Mumbai at 8:55 pm. Following the diversion, it was expected to arrive in Mumbai late in the night. The arrival of Jet Airways’ Colombo-Mumbai flight, UPS Boeing 747 and IndiGo’s Hyderabad-Mumbai flight 6E 231 was also delayed because of the bird hit. A spokesperson for the Mumbai International Airport Limited said Air Arabia’s Sharjah-Mumbai flight reported a bird hit close to the runway.
“We were probably two minutes from landing in Mumbai when our aircraft began to ascend. The pilot announced that a plane that had landed had suffered a bird hit and was still on the runway at Mumbai,” said Bathena, who has been leading the campaign to save Aarey forest. “The pilot then announced that the flight would be diverted to Ahmedabad as fuel was a concern.”
Bathena spoke to Mirror around 11 pm when the aircraft was being refuelled in Ahmedabad.
01/11/18 Yogesh Naik and Satish Nandgaonkar/Mumbai Mirror