Monday, November 05, 2018

Major air mishap averted, 2nd engine of IndIGo flight fails during landing; pilot declares Mayday

Chennai: It was a close shave for 40 passengers on board the IndiGo flight from  Rajahmundry to Chennai after a major air mishap was averted at Chennai airport on Monday. The plane’s second engine reportedly failed at the time of the landing, causing the pilot to declare Mayday.
Giving details of the incident, IndiGo said in a statement that the pilot was forced to send the distress call after the aircraft suffered a technical glitch while landing. No passenger was said to be injured in the incident, as per reports. A full emergency had to be declared at Chennai airport following the incindet. The flight, 6E-7123, eventually landed at the airport after conducting a go around, news agency ANI reported.
05/11/18 Times Now