Monday, November 05, 2018

Peek into airport bins serious business, food firm cuts waste and saves Rs 1.2 crore

Mumbai: Garbage though it may be, crores can be saved simply by studying the contents of dustbins at airport lounges, cafes and food outlets, it seems.

Last year, a delayed flight had the chief operating officer (COO) of the food and beverages firm that runs GVK lounge at Mumbai airport don a pair of gloves and rummage through a bin on the premises to find out why it had spilled over.

The bin revealed the peculiar eating habits of frequent flyers who hit the free lounge buffet before hopping on to their late-night international flights. In the months that followed, the firm brought about changes in the way food was presented at various lounges to reduce wastage. A year later, the firm realized that the decision to dive into the bin was an “open sesame” moment as it had saved Rs 1.2 crore through changes made to the desserts section alone.
05/11/18 Manju V/Times of India