Sunday, November 18, 2018

Tech snag: Flight lands 10 mins after take-off

Chennai: Around 40 passengers of a Chennai-Vijayawada SpiceJet flight had a harrowing experience after the plane returned 10 minutes after take-off because of a technical snag on Saturday.

Flight SG3403, scheduled to depart at 12.40pm, took off after a delay of 10minutes. It, however, returned after flying for 10 to 20 minutes citing a technical snag. Sources said the pilot announced that there was some snag on the Bombardier plane.

The passengers had a tough time as the airline tried to rectify the snag and take off on the same aircraft. They were made to sit in the parked plane for around half-an-hour, then made to board a passenger shuttle bus which was driven to the terminal, but returned to the aircraft after a ride around the airport.
Passengers were made to sit inside the bus for half-an-hour again before re-boarding the place. A passenger said there was no clear communication from the crew or the pilot about the status of the flight for two hours. “We thought they moving us to the terminal when we were told to board the bus. The bus was driven around for a long time and we returned to the aircraft. Passengers including senior citizens and children were holed up in the bus till 3.35pm when we were asked to board again,” he added.
18/11/18 Times of India