Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Technical snag grounds flight from Bangkok

Ahmedabad: Passengers scheduled to take the Ahmedabad-bound SpiceJet flight from Bangkok International Airport, had a hard time on Tuesday night, as they were left stranded at the airport after their flight got cancelled.

Airline officials confirmed that Bangkok-Ahmedabad flight SG-86, which was scheduled to take off from Bangkok at 2.05am on Tuesday, got cancelled due to some technical issues.

Narrating the experience, Tejas Mojidra, a city-based architect and consultant, who was scheduled to take the flight, said, “We were asked to report early at the airport for our Ahmedabad-bound flight and were waiting at the departure gate. However, as the boarding did not begin past the scheduled departure time, a group of passengers checked with the airline’s ground staff about the status of the flight.”

“As the ground staff remained unresponsive, we tried getting out of the security hold area and check with the airline’s office at the airport, however, we were barred from doing so. There were several elderly people along with women and children who were stranded at the airport. Even as the temperature was chilling, airline officials did not even provide any blankets or water. I finally ended up booking a flight to Kolkata myself and from there I would take a connecting flight,” he added.
14/11/18 Times of India