Thursday, November 15, 2018

Trujet offers a free-flying facility to underprivileged children

Hyderabad headquartered regional air carrier Trujet has announced offering opportunity to forty underprivileged children to fly for free from Chennai to Salem on the occasion of Children’s Day under its ‘Wings of Hope’ program.
The students belonged SRVV School of Vellapa Sembana Gounder Memorial Trust.
In a statement, Trujet said it is committed to carrying 300 underprivileged children throughout the year so that they may aspire to build a better life for themselves.
It is a year-long program where the regional air carrier will work with the non- governmental organisations who are championing this cause.

Earlier in July this year, Trujet flew forty underprivileged children of Valmiki Foundation from Hyderabad to Bellary and return.
14/11/18 Economic Times