Saturday, December 01, 2018

Chandigarh Airport hosts one of world's largest aircraft

Chandigarh: Thursday and Friday went down in the history of Chandigarh Airport with the massive AN-124, a large cargo Russian aircraft, landing with material for the Air Force. The plane took off on Friday after off-loading.

AN-124 is the world's second largest and one of the heaviest gross weight production cargo aircraft with a payload capacity of up to 150 tonnes. It is designed to carry machines, equipment and troops. The civilian Russian aircraft can carry around 1,400 soldiers at a time.
This is the first time such a large aircraft has landed on the runway, which became compliant to category 4E aircraft from October 1. The runway was renovated and upgraded by the Air Force under its project, Maintenance of Air Field Infrastructure (MAFI). Successful landing of the aircraft at the Chandigarh airport has testified to the strength of the newly-upgraded runway. Even though senior officials of the Indian Air Force (IAF) were ecstatic over the successful landing and take-off of the aircraft, they expressed serious concerns about illegal high-rises around the IAF station
01/12/18 Times of India