Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Even Debit Card gives you airport lounge access. Here's how

Air travel in India is growing by every passing day. The total number of passengers who travelled by air domestically or internationally rose by more than 2.5 times during the last decade from 7.16 crore in fiscal year (FY) 2007/08 to 18.39 crore in FY 2017/18. With air travel becoming common, the facilities offered around air travel are also being accessed by increasing number of people. A facility which is highly sought after by majority of frequent travellers is airport lounge access. And what could be better if it comes free with your debit card! The facilities offered at these lounges may include food and beverages, access to phone, fax, internet, conference room, sleeping pods, and rest rooms in the lounge area.
It is not uncommon for these travellers to go through longer waiting period at airports mostly during connecting flights, take-off time at odd hours or flight delays. In such a situation, airport lounges offer a great degree of convenience to spend time, take rest and freshen up. To tap this growing segment of air travellers, many banks have come up with debit cards that offer complimentary lounge access to their subscribers completely free of cost.
Pick the one that suits your travel pattern
Not all cards have similar offers when it comes to lounge access. The most critical feature to look into these cards is accessibility based on your travel pattern. Some cards may offer only domestic access which may suit to domestic travellers. Before selecting a card, you should check the details of all the domestic airports where you would get the lounge access and whether it suits your travel. If you are a frequent air traveller, you can find for yourself a debit card with one of best complimentary lounge access features.
04/12/18 Naveen Kumar/Business Today