Saturday, December 01, 2018

Marathi delicacies soon on flight menu

With lakhs of passengers flying in and out of Pune and other parts of Maharashtra, there has recently been a spontaneous demand for Maharashtrian food on flights. In an attempt to address this demand the civil aviation wing in the state has put forth its initial demand, to Jet Airways who will be launching its second international flight from Pune, to Singapore, from December 1, while the several other airlines that operate from Pune will be requested to follow suit.
Speaking to Mirror, civil aviation secretary, Maharashtra, Valsa Nair Singh, said, “We have requested the airlines to introduce Maharashtrian treats like puranpoli, vada-pav, which will serve as comfort food for local passengers flying from Pune or from anywhere else in Maharashtra, while passengers from other states or from Dubai and Singapore will be able to taste the local cuisine of Maharashtra.”
Vinay Dube, chief executive officer, Jet Airways said, “We will be taking a serious note of the suggestion and would be happy to introduce this kind of cuisine. I have a personal connect with Pune and have several relatives here.”
Pune airport, which is in an expansion phase, is now looking to open outlets that will offer the city’s cuisine at affordable rates. Along with local food counters, there will be more stalls serving tea and coffee for Rs 30 and less.
01/12/18  Supriya Dedgaonkar/Pune Mirror