Saturday, December 08, 2018

Pune One Step Closer to Becoming a Global Destination

For most of the Indians, visiting Singapore will surely be a part of their bucket list. Whether it is destination wedding, business tours or for leisure, Singapore manages to find a place in every Indian’s mind. Here’s the great news for all those Singapore lovers. From the first day of the December, Jet Airways will provide daily service from Pune to Singapore becoming the biggest airline company to connect India with the spectacular country. Even without having direct service from Pune, Singapore witnessed the largest crowd in the year 2017 from the vibrant city. Now Jet Airways providing non- stop facility between these two places, it will be a great relief for the travellers staying near Pune who aspire to visit the island country for their vacations.

Singapore having a sea of option in tourist attraction and tourist activities throughout the year finds its streets filled with visitors from around the world. Explore the beautiful beaches, spend time walking through the splendid city or try the night safari. You will never run out of options to keep yourselves engaged and entertained in Singapore.

With the healthy trade relation between both the countries, it will be a boon for the exporters and the importers from both sides. The service can create an economic boost for both the countries. The flight from Pune will depart at 5:10hrs. Jet Airways has also announced special introductory offers on ticket fares on the flights to celebrate their new achievement. 
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