Friday, December 07, 2018

Vijay Mallya says he didn't borrow single rupee, it was Kingfisher Airlines

New Delhi: On Wednesday, fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya posted a flurry of tweets reiterating that he has been offering to repay the entire loan since 2016. Mallya who owes money to the tune of Rs 9,000 crore to various banks defended himself by asking why does he not get fair treatment and why doesn't his comprehensive settlement offer hear the same "loud noise".

Mallya, who appeared rather on edge, carried on the tirade on Twitter the next day as well. Mallya has been retweeting posts by media houses and has been repeating that he only wants to repay the loan and that he never stole money.

Quoting one such tweet, Mallya said, "With respect where have I defrauded Banks? I did not borrow a single rupee. The borrower was Kingfisher Airlines. Money was lost due to a genuine and sad business failure. Being held as guarantor is not fraud (sic)."
Mallya also stressed that his extradition has nothing to do with his loan. "Respectfully to all commentators, I cannot understand how my extradition decision or the recent extradition from Dubai and my settlement offer are linked in any way. Wherever I am physically,my appeal is "Please take the money". I want to stop the narrative that I stole money (sic)," he said.

"Sadly the media creates its own narrative. I have been making settlement offers since 2016 which were rejected without any dialogue as requested in mid 2018 I finally made an offer before the Karnataka High Court.Unconnected to extradition," Mallya added.
07/12/18 Business Today