Friday, December 07, 2018

We’re at your service: Cops at IGI learn soft skills

New Delhi: The next time you meet a police officer at IGI Airport, you may be greeted by a namaste or even offered a glass of water as you ask for information or help. These are some of the ‘behavioural’ and communication skills that city’s police are being imparted with the help of IndiGo airlines. Such a workshop was organised on Thursday.

Called the “behavioural high fives” programme, police officers are being taught how to interact with passengers on a daily basis and improve their body language. “A lot of stress has been put on body language and how you interact with people. A positive and humble gesture by the police staff reflects positively on the general public around. We plan to do a post-training assessment as well to see if the learnings are being implemented well from this plan,” said DCP (IGI airport) Sanjay Bhatia.

The programme by IndiGo also focuses on self-realisation and to give service from the heart. The ‘high fives’ include welcoming passengers – ideally with a namaste, offering people seats, offering a glass of water, using open palm gestures to direct and providing any information to people they may require.
07/12/18 Times of India