Sunday, January 20, 2019

4 Sri Lankans held for smuggling gold in rectum

Bengaluru: In the second case of smugglers concealing gold in their bodies within a week at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), Bengaluru customs sleuths on Saturday nabbed four Sri Lankan nationals who had hidden gold paste worth Rs 44 lakh in their rectum.
Sources with the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Bengaluru customs said the four men arrived in KIA at 3.21am via a Sri Lankan Airlines flight (UL 173) from Colombo.
After passenger profiling, the sleuths officials suspected something amiss about the activities of the four Sri Lankan men and intercepted them. On questioning, they revealed the gold was beaten to paste and mixed with chemicals. They had sealed it with black tape and turned in into a capsule before inserting two pieces each into their bodies. The smugglers assumed the scanning devices at the airport would not detect the metal.
Investigating officers examined eight capsules in possession of the suspects and found 2.3kg of gold paste. Melting the contents revealed 1.4kg of gold estimated to be worth Rs 44 lakh in the market, sources added.
20/01/19 Petlee Peter/Times of India