Saturday, January 12, 2019

Airport staff protest against GMR team visit

Thiruvananthapuram: Representatives of GMR Group, one of the bidders for the operations and management of Trivandrum International Airport, visited the airport on Friday to inspect the facilities ahead of the pre-bid conference scheduled to be held on January 17. The members of Airports Authority Employees’ Union, who have been on an indefinite protest in front of the airport for the past 51 days, tried to block the GMR team and disrupt their visit.
It was the first visit by a bidder to the airport after AAI floated the tender. It has been learnt that more bidders will visit the airport in the coming days. GMR Group currently operates the Delhi International Airport and Hyderabad International Airport and is developing a greenfield airport at Goa.

As soon as the GMR team of four officials arrived at the airport, the employees’ union staged protest and shouted slogans at the team and demanded that they leave the airport.

As soon as they got the information regarding the delegation visit, the employees, who have been staging dharna in front of the administrative office of airport at the domestic terminal since November last week, rushed to the spot and tried to stop the officials from carrying out inspection.

“It was a peaceful protest conducted by the union members. The GMR team wanted to conduct a visit to airport, which we prevented and they had to leave the airport after three hours of meeting with senior airport officials,” said S Ajith Kumar, district branch security of Airports Authority Employees’ Union.
11/01/19 Times of India