Thursday, January 03, 2019

Around 11 flights delayed at UT international airport

Mohali: Poor visibility delayed the arrival of around 11 flights at Chandigarh international airport on Wednesday. The most affected flights included those arriving from Kolkata, Srinagar, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The arrivals of these flights were delayed from one to 5.30 hours.
Beside this, many other flights were delayed between 15 to 20 minutes.
Earlier, two airline operators had pulled out of the international connectivity to Bangkok (Air India) and Dubai from Chandigarh owing to bad weather conditions and recently Air India had announced to temporarily withdraw its morning Delhi flight owing to poor visibility from January 2 to 8. Air Indiahas also cancelled Kullu-Chandigarh-Kullu flight has till January 15 owing to the poor visibility conditions.
On Tuesday too, eight flights were delayed due to low visibility at the airport.
03/01/19 Times of India