Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Drone Regulations 1.0 can fetch India major slice of $100 billion industry

The global market for drones and drone powered solutions is expected to cross $100 billion by 2023, and India seems to be on the right track to cash on in this sector. The country's newly-announced Drone Regulation 1.0 is a step to open up the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) — commonly known as drones — for commercial activities.

The regulations will be enhanced in 2019, multiple industries stakeholders told Moneycontrol, adding that the drone industry could see a huge market in the near future.

The policy, which has been formulated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation has created a huge base for a drone ecosystem in the country. By lifting the blanket ban on activities related to drones, companies will now be able to utilise RPAs for commercial purposes.

However, experts have called the existing policy "restrictive in terms of usage, height and weight limits" of drones, which gives "very little leeway for commercial usage". They believe the government could go on to relax the policy in 2019, which would open a broader gateway for industries to leverage the unmanned aviation vehicle (UAV) technology.
Drone Regulations 1.0 allows RPAs to be used commercially and came into effect on December 1, 2018. It defines drones as a technology platform, classifies RPAs, fly zones, and what approvals are needed to operate them commercially and otherwise.

As per the regulation, RPAs have been categoried as nano, micro, small, medium and large, on the basis of weight.
08/01/19 Somya Lohia/Moneycontrol.com