Friday, January 11, 2019

ICPA on war-path with AI management on new wage pact delay

Chennai: Air India’s Airbus fleet pilot’s body ICPA has said it will operate flights only according to the laid down rules till its demands that seek a new wage agreement are met.

According to reports, the Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) had issued directives in the form of a safety circular to its members amounting to around 800.

“We had signed a wage agreement with the management for three years in 2016 and the new pact is due. But the management late last year said it would not get into any new wage pact now. We are opposed to it and so have decided to work according to rules in protest,” the PTI said citing sources.

As per the ICPA circular, the members have been asked to not accept duty to replace a pilot opting out at the last minute unless intimated at least 12 hrs in advance.

“Pilots are advised to report sick if they are fatigued or stressed and follow the laid-down sick report and fit report procedures,” it said in the directives.

The association has also asked its members not to give consent for any exemption to the DGCA-mandated duty hours and rest period norms and also not to perform visual approaches.

“Pilot defect report (PDR or flight report book) will be signed only after all cargo doors are closed and ensuring proper closure of doors by personally carrying out external walk around,” the ICPA said.
11/01/19 PTI/News Today