Saturday, January 05, 2019

Loud bang, engine shutdown, sparks and smoke: IndiGo Chennai-Kolkata flight suffered all; airline denies

Chennai: Passengers of an IndiGo Chennai-Kolkata flight were in for a massive scare when the plane they were travelling in stalled mid-air. As per details available with Times Now, Flight 6E 923 (Neo) operating on Chennai-Kolkata route on January 3 witnessed a loud bang and passengers noted sparks and smoke coming out of the engine.

All this happened shortly after the flight took-off from the Chennai airport. The pilots turned back the flight to Chennai amid heavy vibration of engines, it has been reported.

While IndiGo’s Airbus A320 Neo aircraft have been witnessing problems and causing scares, the January 3 incident is being seen as the most serious case so far. The aircraft witnessed all the problems, which Neo planes have been encountering in recent times, in a single flight - smoke, heavy vibration, loud bang and stalling of engine.
It was also the third case since December 10 of smoke coming out of the Neo aircraft operated by IndiGo. The said aircraft has now been grounded in Chennai. It has been reported that the engine blades of the plane were completely burned in the incident and will have to be replaced.

The airline, however, denied that the flight witnessed stalling of the engine and had to make an emergency landing.