Friday, January 11, 2019

Narcotic police seizes drugs worth Rs 15 crore from Imphal Airport

A team of Narcotics and Affairs of Border (NAB), Manipur has seized 3 kg Methaqualone worth Rs 15 crore from Imphal Airport. This is the first time the notorious party drug has been seized in Manipur, an official source said.

In a statement, W Basu Singh, Superintendent of Police, NAB, said the drug was seized by the narcotic police led by additional SP Th. Brinda on January 8 from Air Cargo section of the Airport.

The drugs were found concealed inside a hidden chamber of Bangle Hollow Tube Forming Machine, heavy machinery used in the gold jewellery industry, the SP said.
Presumptive test conducted on the seized drugs samples by Forensic lab has shown the presence of Methaqualone, he added.
The statement further said Methaqualone is a banned psychotropic substance under scheduled 1 of NDPS Act 1985. The drug is popularly known as Quaaludes, Bandits, Disco Biscuits, Flowers, Vitamin Q, Lovers, 714, Soap, Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and others.
10/01/19 Indian Express