Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Pilot spots vehicle on runway, aborts landing

Kolkata: A flight from Delhi descending for touchdown was asked to abort landing and begin a steep climb just as the flight captain spotted the powerful searchlights of an inspection vehicle on the runway and an aircraft in queue for take-off.

The inspection vehicle on the runway was scrambled after an flight from Hyderabad (6E 629), which had just landed ahead of the Vistara, reported a bird-hit during descent.

The report prompted immediate action and the standard operating procedure for such emergencies kicked in. The Kolkata-Bhubaneswar (I5 1563) flight on the runway edge set for takeoff was put on hold. Two other flights that were in the arrival queue were told to hover over the city.

Meanwhile, oblivious to the situation unfolding on the ground, the captain of the descending Vistara (UK 707) flight spotted the inspection vehicle on the runway and the AirAsia plane set for takeoff run. Almost immediately the radio crackled to life as an officer urgently asked the captain to abort landing and hover. The flight that was on touchdown path then began the steep climb.
16/01/19 Josh Clayton/Clayton Caller