Friday, January 11, 2019

Survey rates HAL higher than Dassault Aviation

Hyderabad: An independent survey of aircraft manufacturing companies has rated Hindustan Aeronautical Limited higher than Dassault Aviation, under various factors.
Among the world’s top 100 defence companies, HAL has been ranked at 38 and Dassault at 44.  India assigned the multi-crore project to purchase fighter aicraft to the France-based Dassault, according to
The data was collated from information solicited from companies, annual reports, analysts, and from staff research.
The survey covered annual revenue and revenue derived from defence, intelligence, homeland security and national security contracts.
In 2017, HAL earns $2.83 billion, of which the revenue from the defence sector $2.72 billion. The 2017 earning was up eight per cent from $2.52 billion in 2016. Dassault earned $2.12 billion in 2017.
11/01/19 Deccan Chronicle