Friday, February 08, 2019

Jet Airways pilots say no to ‘office work’

 Mumbai: Jet Airways pilots have refused to take up any on-ground duty following the management ‘forcing’ some pilots to either perform ‘office’ duties or go on leave.

The National Aviators Guild (NAG), the union body representing Jet Airways pilots, has issued a directive to its member to not accept office duties.

“While pilots have helped the company in maintaining operational reliability in spite of delayed salaries, it has come to our notice that the 737 Fleet Chief, supported by the senior management, is forcing pilots on HIGH to do office duties. They are also harassing pilots taking casual leave (CL) with the intent of dissuading members from the same,” said the NAG directive.

According to sources, some pilots who had completed 1,000 hours of flying were asked to take up office duties. This is the first time this is happening, the source said.

“The committee is of the opinion that this high-handed behaviour has to be dealt with appropriately. Our cooperation should not be taken for granted.

“All members are hereby directed not to accept any office duty or go for a meeting if called to do so on account of them having taken CL. Members are to politely decline in either case quoting this directive and inform NAG immediately,” it added.
07/02/19 Forum Gandhi/Business Line