Thursday, February 07, 2019

Navi Mumbai parachute incident: Cops confirm couple were not Indian; probe underway

Navi Mumbai: On Saturday night, two unidentified persons landed on a parachute in Navi Mumbai's Ghansoli leading to a panic-like situation in the area. While a probe was on by the anti-terror cell of local police, ATS and other agencies, an investigation revealed that it was a foreign couple who had performed the stunt. 
According to eyewitnesses, two persons landed on a parachute on the palm beach road near the Ghansoli area in Navi Mumbai on Saturday night at around 8.30 pm.
They also further reported that the woman went up to the 24th floor of an under-construction building and jumped with a parachute from there while her male friend was waiting below.
The police revealed that a CCTV footage was recovered during the investigation and the couple is aged between 25-30 years and had done quite an extensive recce before performing the stunt.
DCP Sudhakar Pathare said that the images of the CCTV were not clear and that no one was found flying with the parachute but further investigation is still on, according to Maharashtra Times.
07/02/19 Mirror Now/