Wednesday, March 13, 2019

2 Mumbai women pilots to resume world trip

Mumbai: In the coming weeks, when winter will recede over Greenland, two young Mumbai-based pilots will travel back to this Danish island to resume their round-the-world trip they were forced to temporarily abort some five months ago due to bad weather.
Capt Aarohi Pandit (22) and Capt Keithair Misquitta (24) began their trip in August last year on their Sinus 912—a single-engine, ultralight motor glider. Since the expedition is about circumnavigating the planet, they must cover more than 30,700km and fly across every longitude. The two have so far covered 12,900km in 27 stops across 17 countries, including Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, France and the UK. From there, they flew over the Atlantic to Greenland and Iceland. Once there, Pandit became the first Indian woman pilot to have flown solo over the Atlantic in a light sport aircraft.
13/03/19 Times of India