Sunday, March 10, 2019

Air India Pilot Harassed At Kerala Airport, Taxi Driver Arrested: Police

New Delhi: A Delhi-based pilot was allegedly harassed at Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram airport by a taxi driver on Friday.
The incident took place when the pilot, who flies for Air India, arrived at Thiruvananthapuram and waited for her cab at a pre-paid taxi kiosk with CCTV cameras installed.

"I'm waiting for the transport, after work and this illiterate hooligan stops his car a few feet away from me and decides to catcall and harrass me, 'Hey baby, come with me' and speeds away in his car," the pilot said in a social media post.

She reached out to authorities, including the local lawmaker Shashi Tharoor, but says that she failed to get a response. The pilot lodged a complaint with the airport manager and said that the car was a Kerala-registered grey Esteem.

Police accessed the CCTV footage and found the car's registration number. The taxi driver, who is yet to be identified, has been arrested on charges of sexual harassment.
10/03/19 PTI/NDTV