Monday, March 11, 2019

Boeing 737 MAX planes: Demand grows to ground aircraft in India, DGCA to issue safety instructions soon

New Delhi: A day after an Ethiopian Boeing 737-8 MAX plane crashed, killing all 157 people on board the flight, demand is growing in India to ban the airplane.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is yet to announce the fate of the aircraft but will issue safety guidelines for domestic carriers soon.

This is the second time that the newly-inducted Boeing 737-800MAX plane encountered a fatal crash. Another Boeing 737-8 MAX flight had crashed fatally in Indonesia before yesterday's incident.

In India, there are two airlines that operate a Boeing 737-8 MAX: SpiceJet uses around 15 aircraft while Jet Airways operates 5.

China was the first country to ground all Max aircraft in their country to make sure no untoward incidents occur till a time when air is cleared around the troubles around Max.

DGCA, in a statement, said, "DGCA is reviewing the matter regarding safety issues post accident of Boeing Ethopian Airline B737-800MAX on 10/03/2019.
DGCA shall issue additional safety instructions tonight or tomorrow morning in this regard for Indian operators."

Minsiter of civil aviation, Suresh prabhu said, "Directed officials of DGCA to undertake safety assessment of Boeing 737-MAX (being flown by domestic carriers). Safety of the passengers is our utmost concern. Directed Secretary and DGCA to take appropriate action immediately."
11/03/19  Nagarjun Dwarakanath/India Today