Thursday, March 07, 2019

Flyer complaints work wonders as Kolkata airport washrooms go for overhaul

Kolkata: Flyers in Kolkata have for several years envied the chic toilets at airports in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru and craved for similar ones at the city airport. Authorities at the Kolkata airport have finally woken up to the need for better and smarter facilities and undertaken a major overhaul of all washrooms in the terminal. One toilet has already been revamped in the domestic departure security hold area while others near the boarding gates are undergoing the makeover.

“We are addressing flyers’ complaints about washrooms. Earlier, the washrooms near the departure gates were divided into sections for men and women. Hence, only passengers of either gender could use the facility at a time. That was inadequate as passengers tend to use the washroom just prior to departure. We are, therefore, dismantling the twin toilets and creating a larger toilet for one gender. The next pair of washrooms will be torn down and converted into a rest room for the other gender,” airport director Atul Dikshit told TOI.

The new remodelled washroom is spacious and fitted with advanced sanitaryware and accessories like the ones at major international airports. Even the wall tiles are more vibrant to give a cheerful feel. “The other washrooms will be upgraded in a phased manner,” the director said.
07/03/19 Tamaghna Banerjee/Times of India