Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Jet Airways ground staff support Naresh Goyal, blame CEO Vinay Dube for shortsightedness

The union of officers and staff of Jet Airways on Tuesday held a demonstration outside the airline’s headquarter in Mumbai demanding that the management look into matters pending before the conciliation office for over four years regarding financial and operational demands.

“The management of the company has been completely shortsighted and failed to resolve various issues of financial and operational demands,” the letter said adding that the top management, including Vinay Dube, CEO, Jet Airways, has not kept the employees in the know of the issues relating to the debt resolution that the company is currently undergoing.

The union demanded that the management needs to come clean on various matters relating to financial impropriety, tax evasion and other accusations in the media accusing the management of unfair labour practices.

The letter also asked the management to resolve the pending issues in a month’s time and resolve demand of wage increase. Referring to a letter that chairman and promoter of Jet Airways Naresh Goyal wrote to the employees last week, the Union said, “ We support him (Goyal) in the difficult times but when management headed by you (Dube) is fully dysfunctional in handling labour problems we are certainly worried for our future including dues payable to us.
06/03/19 Financial Express