Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jet Airways has grounds 7 more aircraft

Jet Airways has grounded five more aircraft and two others operating for its sister airline JetLite due to nonpayment of lease rentals.
The airline has also stopped taking reservations for its Mumbai-Manchester and Delhi-Hong Kong routes from March 23, indefinitely stopped all flights to Abu Dhabi, and curtailed frequencies to destinations like Dubai, Doha and Singapore.
 With the financial crisis in the airline deepening, Jet has so far grounded 49 aircraft, 30 in March alone. The bank led provisional resolution plan (BLPRP) being worked out between lenders led by the State Bank of India has also been prolonged. The Jet management and partner Etihad Airways, which has a 24 per cent stake, have been unable come up with a final solution.
 The airline’s domestic and international network is witnessing a collapse, with massive cancellations and airfare increase of over 100 per cent on some key sectors. Arun Gopalakrishnan, a frequent Jet flyer, said, “My 90-year-old grandmother was to travel from Mumbai to Coimbatore on March 17. They cancelled the flight in last minute and gave the option of either taking a refund or rescheduling the flight. There was no point in taking a refund as spot air fares are very high. So we got the flight rescheduled to March 22. They cancelled even that and asked us to get a full refund.”
 23/03/19 Satish Nandgaonkar/Mumbai Mirror