Friday, March 15, 2019

Jet Airways pilots seek government help to recover unpaid salaries, with interest

New Delhi: Cash-strapped Indian carrier Jet Airways’ pilots union has for the first time sought government help to recover pending salaries and dues from the airline, saying pleas to management have fallen on deaf ears.

The National Aviators Guild, which represents the majority of Jet’s pilots, has written to India’s labour minister to ask for help in getting the airline to pay outstanding salaries and allowances immediately, plus interest.

“This situation is leading to extreme tension and frustration amongst our members, hardly an ideal situation for pilots in cockpit,” captain Karan Chopra, president of the union, said in the letter seen by Reuters and dated March 6.

Jet has delayed payments to its pilots, suppliers and lessors for months and defaulted on loans after racking up more than $1 billion in debt. The airline is in talks with the country’s main state-backed banks for a rescue deal and emergency funds.

Last August the pilots were given a staggered schedule of payments for salaries but Jet has not kept up with them, the union said, adding that the airline still owes the pilots most of their salary for December and all of January and February.
15/03/19 Aftab Ahmed, Aditi Shah/Reuters