Sunday, March 10, 2019

Kanika Tekriwal: the woman who introduced India to the Uber of the skies

Due to business opportunities, you have to fly all over the world to conquer the most out of your day. However, with so many commitments in work, and traveling, giving time to your family becomes impossible. What if we told you that you could easily travel from one place to another in no time and have time for everything you want? Sounds too far-fetched and ambition, you say! Well, here is where the entrepreneur model of Kanika Tekriwal comes into pace. Kanika introduced her start-up into the industry of the jet with the name, JetSetGo. She likes to call it the Uber of the skies.

During an interview when she was asked about her project and why she started it she said, ‘I would meet a number of people using private jets who complained that booking one in India was a very shoddy experience and they felt cheated that the entire private jet experience is a far cry from traveling business or first. At the same time, private jet owners were selling planes due to the escalating costs, regular maintenance, and other hindrances as well as not getting the real pleasure of actually owning an aircraft. The determination for JetSetGo came up in a conversation I had with a colleague in the UK. I narrated an idea that I had about setting up a thriving aviation company, born in India. It was not aimed at making my colleague laugh out loud, but that’s what happened. Being Indian and adamant, I was determined to prove him, and everybody else that thought along the same lines, wrong.’

Her venture started in the year 2014, and she had an aim to cater to a wide clientele. However, her basic catering audience was the business owners who had the urge to cover almost three to four cities in a single day due to work and family. Other than that, she also focussed on tourists, inbound and outbound both, pilgrimage tourists, emergency evacuations, and more.

In an interview with Your Story, she said, ‘Their need partly arose from a very crucial fact about Indian aviation: India has 200 airports and airstrips that are fully functional, but only 80 of them are connected by commercial airlines. Unfortunately, then, a majority of private aircraft in India did not serve their full potential because of the lack of a structured system that allows owners to be part of the private aviation business. JetSetGo is a solution to all these inadequacies and roadblocks. Every day you wake up with 100 new problems and go to sleep having solved 50 of them. What seemed difficult a year ago is now a joke and gets done in a jiffy. Similarly, every small and big victory is my biggest success, getting excellent feedback from a customer is success, getting a plane repaired before target time is a success, having a happy time is a success, showing 7X growth with excellent EBIDTA is a success, just building JetSetGo the way we are is a success.’
10/03/19 inventiva