Saturday, March 09, 2019

To fill up director posts at Air India, govt may take search-select route

In order to fast-track the hiring of director-level executives at Air India, the is likely to conduct the appointment process through its and not involve the (PESB), according to a senior government

"Currently, many director-level positions — such as (Commercial), (Personnel) and (Operations) — are open in The government plans to fill them up as soon as possible using its search-and-selection committee," the said.

Other executives in the company have been handling additional charge of these posts till date.

"We would like people from private sector to apply. However, we will have to see how many people would be interested in these positions. We don't have time to go through PESB route as it will be a long-winded process," the told

Currently, PESB's (Commercial), Director (Personnel) and Director (Operations) as "upcoming vacancies". The PESB is a committee of retired bureaucrats.
08/03/19  Milbank