Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Passengers refuse to board thrice-delayed flight

Ahmedabad: There was chaos at the domestic terminal of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International (SVPI) airport in Ahmedabad on Sunday night, as passengers travelling to Bengaluru by SpiceJet flight SG-928 refused to board the aircraft after the airline announced a delay thrice. The flight – originally scheduled to leave at 9.40pm on Sunday – that was already delayed by four hours, finally departed at 3.25am due to the protests by the passengers.
Rahul Dankhara, a cyber-security professional who was to take the flight, said, “On Sunday morning, I received a message from the airline saying that the flight would depart at 12.40am. When I got to the airport at around 11.30pm, I was told it would depart at 1.05am and later another 35-minute delay was announced, pushing the departure to 1.40am.”

“When the airline announced the third delay, some flyers who had flew by the same flight recently, alleged that the this particular flight is perpetually delayed by three hours. Infuriated, all the passengers demanded refunds and refused to board the flight,” he added.

Sources confirmed that there was indeed a ruckus at the city airport as passengers, including wheelchair-bound senior citizens, were forced to wait for a long time. Heated exchanges between certain passengers and airline officials continued till the airline finally issued a letter, promising a 50% refund on the fare, one flier said. The airline cited operational issues as the cause of the delay.
30/04/19 Niyati Parikh/Times of India