Thursday, May 09, 2019

AAI calls for bird scarers to avoid avian accidents

Thiruvananthapuram: Those who like lighting crackers can apply for the job of the 'Bird Scarer' under the Airport Authority of India (AAI). All thanks to the city corporation for such a position. Illegal meat and fish stalls and garbage dumps in the vicinity of Thiruvananthapuram International Airport(TRV) were posing a safety hazard to the aircraft landing and taking off.

However, after taking several steps including the deployment of bird scarer and night squad surveillance, the administration was able to control the issue and reduce the number of bird hit incidents.
Meat stalls located adjacent to the airport dump their wastes in the vicinity attracting birds.
To resolve this, the AAI has deployed 'bird scarers' equipped with crackers along the perimeter wall of the airport to scare away birds from the runaway when the aircraft lands and takes off.
A total of eight posts have been established among which seven remain inside and one is kept outside with the bird scarers.
Spraying of insecticides, proper collection and disposal of garbage, and regular inspections of the operational area are some of the other steps taken by the AAI to keep the birds away."Due to the various curbing measures taken by the AAI, we were able to reduce the number of bird hit incidents in these eight months. The other mechanisms include night patrolling  carried by the corporation to check any violations and strict inspections are being carried out," said C V Ravindran, director of TRV.
09/05/19 New Indian Express