Monday, June 24, 2019

New smart system to prevent baggage theft at airports

New Delhi:  Researchers claim to have developed a smart system that can help prevent baggage theft and facilitate hassle free collection of luggage at airports by providing estimated time of arrival (ETA) at the conveyor belt for pickup.
The novel solution developed by a team at Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Punjab restricts a person from taking away someone else's baggage at the exit gate of the airport.

The system also assists the passengers by reminding them in case they have forgotten to collect their baggage, researchers said.

They noted that despite having a tight security system at most of the airports, baggage loss or theft is a common issue among travellers.

While there is a strict process in place for luggage collection on departure, very little emphasis has been given to baggage collection and theft prevention process on arrival, they said.

Also, airports have not come up with any system to locate or track baggage, which forces the passengers to stand in queue and wait for several minutes for their luggage to arrive.

"During our research, we could not find any existing systems providing services similar to us. Our solution is helpful to resolve these problems that have not been addressed so far," Gurjot Singh Gaba, Assistant Professor at LPU, told PTI.

"Passengers who pay a huge amount as airfare would benefit from this technology. Their baggage loss would be prevented and also they would easily collect their luggage at the airports," Gaba said.

According to a report by the aviation IT specialist, SITA, every minute 40 bags get mishandled worldwide.

In 2018, that amounted to more than 24.8 million mishandled bags, costing the air transport industry $2.4 billion, researchers said.
"Airport authorities receive baggage loss cases of million dollars every year which tarnishes their reputation. With our system, they could prevent losses of this kind. Hence, it will be beneficial for airport authorities as well," Gaba said.

Travellers face long queues at crowded airports, and have to spend a lot of time in queues for collecting the baggage.

The passengers have to stand around the conveyor belt until their respective baggage arrives.

The entrance of airport has high security but during exit there is no one to verify that the luggage is taken away only by the rightful owner.

The proposed system provides the solution to overcome both of these issues.
24/06/19 PTI/Times of India
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