Thursday, August 29, 2019

Another regulatory hurdle cleared for India’s inflight wifi market

Two weeks from now it will be permissible to use WiFi enabled devices on board aircraft in India, assuming the pilot agrees. As the country inches ever closer to allowing for inflight connectivity services on board the rules are being adjusted to account for such. Most recently a filing in the Gazette of India seeks to amend the rules affecting the use of portable electronic devices in transmitting mode on board.
With the new policy in place the rule will look like this (bold provision is new):

"29B. Prohibition on the use of portable electronic devices – No person shall operate, nor shall the operator or the pilot-in-command of an aircraft allow the operation of any portable electronic device on board an aircraft in flight:

Provided that the Pilot-in-Command may permit the use of cellular telephone by the passengers of a flight after the aircraft has landed and cleared active runway, except when the landing takes place in low visibility conditions as may be determined by the Director-General from time to time;

Provided further that the Pilot-in-Command may permit the use of mobile communication and internet services through Wi-Fi on board an aircraft certified by the Director-General for such services and subject to the procedures specified by the Director-General in that behalf;

Provided further that the provisions of this rule shall not apply to portable voice recorders, hearing aids, heart pacemaker, electric shavers or other portable electronic devices which, in the opinion of the operator, do not cause interference with the navigation or communication system of the aircraft on which it is to be operated and for which such operator has obtained approval of the Director-General.
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