Sunday, September 08, 2019

Here’s Why Some Air India Airbus A320s Have Extra Wheels

There are many interesting tidbits in the aviation world. A while back, someone got a little curious about the landing gear on an Air India A320. Indeed, some of Air India’s Airbus A320 aircraft have a little special addition to their landing gear. You may not notice it at first, but some of Air India’s Airbus A320s have extra wheels.
These additional wheels do serve a purpose. As this user on Stack Exchange found out, this is because of an infrastructure-related issue at some Indian airports. However, these are not common across A320s and only affect a small number of Airbus A320 aircraft in service.
Obviously, the aircraft gear serves a critical role. The A320 is not the heaviest aircraft in the world. However, the aircraft still has a substantial weight. During landing, taxi, or takeoff, this can cause stress on the runway pavement. As it turns out, some of India’s pavement has a lower classification number. The classification number gives details relating to the strength of the pavement and the amount of weight it can handle. Due to this lower classification number, the load of the aircraft has to be distributed across multiple wheels. Thus, some of Air India’s A320s have an additional set of wheels.
08/09/19 Jay Singh/Simple Flying
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