Thursday, November 14, 2019

GoAir A20N at Bangalore on Nov 11th 2019, runway excursion on landing

A GoAir Airbus A320-200N, registration VT-WGR performing flight G8-811 from Nagpur to Bangalore (India) with 180 people on board, landed on Bangalore's runway 09 at 07:22L (01:52Z) in fog and low visibility however touched down at the left edge of the runway with the left main gear on soft ground. The crew initiated a balked landing, went around and climbed to safety. After entering a hold at 8000 feet for about 30 minutes the crew decided to divert to Hyderabad (India), climbed the aircraft to FL280 and landed safely in Hyderabad about 90 minutes after the balked landing. After landing in Hyderabad the left main gear was found covered with mud.
India's DGCA rated the occurrence a serious incident and opened an investigation.
A number of (but not all) media in India claim an unnamed source associated with the DGCA reported the left hand engine (PW1127G) stalled during the go around. On social media one journalist even claims to quote a statement by DGCA (editorial note: showing a blank sheet of paper with text, but no letter head, signature or other indication of any official document, no such document is available on any of the DGCA outlets, callsign of the aircraft was GOW811, no D attached to the flight number, India's New Agency ANI does not mention any engine issue while confirming the runway excursion), that reads:
On 11.11.2019 Go Air A320 aircraft VT-WGR operated flight G8-811D(Nagpur-Bangalore). It was cleared for approach for R/W 09 at Bangalore. Due to bad weather at Bangalore aircraft initiated Go around. During the Go Around process No.1 engine stalled. The power on the effected engine was reduced to idle and Go around was continued. During climb No.1 Engine again stalled and power was again reduced to idle . The aircraft diverted Hyderabad with power on No.1 engine in climb detent.
After landing at Hyderabad mud deposit have been observed on left main landing gear, indicating that aircraft has rolled on to soft ground/ unpaved surface.
As per the crew aircraft has deviated to left during go around at Bangalore. Aircraft has been grounded for detailed investigation at Hyderabad.
DFDR data along with other recorder data is being analysed for further investigation.
14/11/19  Simon Hradecky/Aviation Herald

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