Thursday, February 13, 2020

Equipped with new rules, ATC officers to make air journey safer

Directorate General of Civil Aviation has brought new rules to equip the Air Traffic Control Officers at airports in India. It has issued the licenses to the officers who acquired training with new rules. This will make air journey safer. The Airport Authority of India (AAI) at Nagpur imparted the training with new rules to its ATC officers and distributed licenses to these officers. It was a proud moment for AAI at Nagpur when all the Air Traffic Control Officers of this ATC centre were awarded licenses by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Besides the creation, up-gradation, maintenance and operation of the ground infrastructure for Indian Civil Aviation, AAI is also entrusted with managing the safe operations of aircraft not only in Indian sovereign airspace but also airspace well into the high seas. The Indian ATC system ensures safe movement of aircraft in 2.8 million sq. km. of Indian and delegated airspace. For the past many decades, Indian ATCOs have been very successfully handling this challenge. The Nagpur ATC centre is a very complex and strategically located central Indian ATC center which plays a vital role in the entire Indian aviation system. Being a part of a global air-safety mechanism, the skill and expertise of all the Indian ATCOs are always maintained at a very high level.
Like any other global safety system Indian ATC is also periodically subjected to universal safety audits by ICAO, the Global Safety Aviation Regulator of which India is a member state. At the behest of the ICAO, Indian ATM system is made to pass through a rigorous certification procedure to enable it to discharge its function safely. Towards this, the Government of India had undertaken a massive exercise to license the Indian ATCOs. This exhibits Indian commitment towards safety of International Civil Aviation. Besides ensuring safety of the millions of flying public, this also demonstrates to the world that India is a safe country to do business. The ATCOs of Nagpur ATC center have been certified by DGCA and Government of India licenses have been issued for all the ATCOs.
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