Monday, March 23, 2020

How Indigo improved turnaround times for its flights

Soon after joining the airlines in 2018, Sourav Sinha, the air carrier’s CIO was once flying with Indigo itself. After the plane landed, he stumbled upon the crew members, they were hurriedly jotting down something on a paper.
At that time, Sinha wasn’t aware of what the crew members were doing.
Given the time-critical environment airlines operate in, every minute counts but looking at in-flight cabin crew devoting 15 minutes in the hubbub, Sinha decided to do something about it.
Reaching the office, he inquired about what was exactly happening.
This was a standard activity across all Indigo aircraft where cabin crew used to reconcile the cash, credit card receipts and the inventory from F&B services onboard.
According to Sinha, ancillary services like offering food (in-flight) is critical for the low-cost carrier’s business model. However, managing this process effectively was of utmost importance.

The process of serving food begins from preparing and loading it into the carts (at caterer’s end), placing carts inside the aircraft as per the flight’s schedule, checking the inventory (done by cabin crew before the flight takes off), serving the passengers, reconciling the inventory and receipts (also included checking what’s left in the cart). Finally, the cart is sent back to the caterer (which could sometimes also include some food items not purchased by passengers).

“This is a very complicated process involving many stakeholders-- the caterer, logistics, on-ground team, cabin crew and the finance team too”, he added.
23/03/20 Bhragu Haritas/ET
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