Thursday, May 14, 2020

US actor and Thai son struggling to survive virus ordeal in India as they wait to fly home to life in Thailand

US movie actor and chronicler of legendary rock and popular music stars, Geoffrey Giuliano, is still stranded in India in Jaipur under lockdown with no access to funds. He is again appealing for help as the bill at his hostel comes due and he plots some way to get home to Thailand. The US man is accompanied by his 12-year-old son Eden and has been surviving on generous donations through PayPal which he uses with his maxed-out credit card. He told the Thai Examiner this week that once landed in Bangkok, he will again have access to his own financial resources and be able to return to his comfortable life in Pattaya. For now, he is asking for help from our readers. (We are also asking readers to read the article before commenting and to refrain from unduly negative, destructive or hurtful commentary bearing in mind that this man is in a vulnerable position with his young son at this time).
Movie actor and writer, Geoffrey Giuliano, is warning again that both himself and his young son Eden are facing life on the streets as money that well-wishers had sent him and his own reserves will not last beyond the middle of this week.

The US man and his Thai son cannot access Thai government repatriation flights because Geoffrey, as an American citizen, is prohibited from availing of the service.

Please read our earlier report on Geoffrey Giuliano and his son Eden stranded in Jaipur, India since March 22nd
The self-described ‘family of two’ according to Giuliano have no real outside friends. They are in dire need after Geoffrey forgot to bring his bank debit card from home and exceeded his budget because of the extended trip.

They have found themselves locked down in India since the end of March rather than here in Thailand where they have a home and access to their own resources.

Movie personality and acclaimed writer reached out to foreigners linked with Thailand at the end of April
Last month, we brought you the story of the former movie and music industry writer Geoffrey Giuliano who has been stranded in India with his son since early March.

The father and son cannot fly home and are trying to survive on limited resources from their initial funds and with the assistance of some good-hearted Thai Examiner readers who reached out to help.

The older man and his son are just waiting to be able to fly home to their comfortable life in Pattaya.

Hostel in India is their security right now
The pair is still stranded in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They have become prisoners of the Covid 19 virus emergency.

At the end of April, they appealed to Thai Examiner readers for help to have the Thai government allow them to fly home together on Thai Airways repatriation flights.

Unfortunately, those flights are reserved for Thai nationals only and although Eden qualifies, his father does not as an American citizen.

While they received and were thankful for essential support, they were also the subject of some very negative and cruel commentary.
13/05/20 Carla Boonkong & Son Nguyen/Thai Examiner

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