Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Passengers panic and scream as aircraft shakes violently before landing

It was a terrifying moment for passengers aboard an IndiGo flight from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Kashmir, India, as the aircraft rocked violently minutes before landing at Srinagar's Sheikh-ul-Alam airport.

A video taken from inside of the cabin, shows the plane jolting up and down and backs of chairs wobbling violently due to severe turbulence. The footage captures terrified passengers screaming and crying in panic as they begin to fear for their safety.

"A couple of times it shook dangerously, which panicked passengers - especially the elderly who lost their balance despite having seatbelts on," a passenger aboard the plane was quoted as saying in Mirror.co.uk.

Passengers later said that although the cabin crew desperately tried to keep people calm, fear spread through the cabin as the plane shook for around two minutes.
"A couple of times it (the plane) shook dangerously, which panicked passengers, especially the elderly who lost their balance despite having seatbelts on," the passenger said. "Many recited verses from the Holy Quran. (Those on board) were seen loudly praying and amongst them women cried when the plane shook heavily," the passenger added.

A spokesperson for the airline told Sun Online, "An IndiGo flight 6E 9822 experienced turbulence while flying from Riyadh to Srinagar shortly before landing. The cockpit crew followed the laid down standard operating procedures to ensure safety of all passengers on board. There were no injuries reported and the passengers were safely de-boarded at Srinagar."
13/07/20 Khaleej Times
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